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  • 25.12.19 Posted By Brennen Talley

    The holiday season is upon us and during this most festive time we would like to say thank you to the incredible modding community, without whom we could not do what we love every single day.
    As a show of thanks for your continued support and patronage, we are offering 10% off your entire order from 12/24-12/31. Simply use the promo-code XMAS19 in checkout to claim your 10% off!

    Whether you're buying a last-minute gift for a friend, family member, pet, neighborhood raccoon, or yourself, we want to help out this holiday season
    Happy Holidays from all of us at ModMyMods!


  • 13.12.19 Posted By Brennen Talley

    CES is only a few short weeks away and we want to see you there!
    If you would like to see us and all the awesome stuff we've got, be sure to schedule an appointment by sending us an email at


    As always we will be bringing with us some of our latest and greatest PC builds to inspire you. This year we are pleased to announce that we'll have #TheGreenMachine - #TheCleanMachine #TreeOfWife & #GoneFishin proudly on display for your viewing pleasure.


  • 27.11.19 Posted By Brennen Talley



    The age of rabid consumer savagery crests our horizon dear friends and we must prepare.

    Black Friday creeps ever closer and there's shopping to be done; which means fighting the ravenous consumer hordes for a chance at a discounted box of holiday meat, cheese and mustard. Lets be honest, you can get into a fist fight with a grandmother over a Nintendo Switch any day of the week, but our online sales event is only from November 28th through December 2nd.

    Wouldn't you rather get into a fight with another online shopper than a real person?

    Take up to 50% off everything on our site and buy yourself or your loved ones some Grade-A, farm raised, not from concentrate PC Water Cooling Parts!

    Start your holiday shopping early this year, we've got some awesome brands to choose from and thousands of items on sale!

    (Discounts do not apply to shipping or custom work)

  • 08.11.19 Posted By Brennen Talley
    We at ModMyMods have a deep and profound respect for our nation's military, it's veterans and the brave souls who work in its service to this day. In recognition of those who put it all on the line for the rest of us, from 11/8 through 11/11 we are offering 10%-Off site-wide! Just use the promo-code VETDAY19 at checkout to claim your discount!

    Do you know a Vet that likes computer parts? Why not use your discount to buy them something cool? Alternatively you could just buy something cool for yourself, just make sure to thank a vet for their service.

    From all of us at ModMyMods, we would like to thank each and every Veteran for their service to our country.

    Please note:
    Discounts do not apply to shipping, custom work, or EVGA products
  • 15.08.19 Posted By Brennen Talley
    Four years without Self-Destructing!
    This calls for celebration!

    Its ModMyMods's fourth birthday this year and miraculously  we have avoided all major, company-ending events!
    Seriously though, we can't thank you all enough for all the love and support you've shown through the years.

    If it weren't for you guys, Joe and the gang would never have moved out of his hot, dank, cramped basement and into our massive warehouse/modshop.

    Sure, Joe's borderline neurotic initiative and our staff's unyielding perseverance played a part, but realistically, we only have you to thank for our success.

    As a show of our gratitude for your support over the years, we are having a site wide sales event from Friday, August 16th through Monday August 19th!

    With savings up to 50% off site wide*, it's the perfect time to re-build your water cooling system!

    So thank you to each and every customer, friend and obscure business colleague for helping us over the past four years.

    *(Custom parts and services are excluded from site-wide savings)*
    From All of us at ModMyMods

    Thank You for

    Four Amazing Years!
  • 25.07.19 Posted By Brennen Talley

    The 2019 ModMyMods
    LAN Party Live Stream

    Join us on for a chance to win awesome prizes!


    That's right! We are going to be live streaming our company LAN party this Saturday from 6:00pm ~ 12:00pm!

    Join us on and join us as we play through a veritable plethora of games with Big Kevin and the rest of the ModMyMods Crew!

    BUT WAIT! We aren't just streaming the games we play on twitch, we will be streaming the ENTIRE LAN party. Big Kevin set us up "Big-Brother" style with cameras all over the warehouse so you can stare at us as we play video games. You know... Because.... You might like that.

    We will also be hosting special guests and giving away a hot fresh prize every hour! And don't worry, these prizes aren't crappy stress balls or bottle opener keychains. We're talking water cooling parts and PC accessories at the peak of freshness.

    So come by and watch as we play some cool games, hang out with some cooler special guests, give away some awesome prizes and even compete in an NBA Jam Tournament on Skelly-J!

  • 03.07.19 Posted By Brennen Talley

    It's the Fourth of July and that means its Sale Season

    From July 4th through July 7th, take 10% off your entire purchase when you use Promo Code: FREEDOM at the checkout.
    Why spend your summer months outside where its hot and sunny, when you could enjoy the cool confines of your basement working on computer modifications.
    Any self respecting American knows that when our founding fathers weren't blowing up the British, they spent their time grilling hotdogs on their propane grills and building really sick PC's to take to their LAN parties. Unfortunately, with the onset of public electricity still 105 years out, their LAN parties were pretty dull in 1776


    Hey, so you know how we mentioned LAN parties?


    The ModMyMods Team is going to be live streaming from our company LAN party on July 27th from 6pm-Midnight EST.

    During the stream, we will be playing cool games (some of which can be seen above) with some special guests, showing off new products and giving away some cool prizes to you lucky viewers!

    Be sure to stop by the stream and say hello to Kevin and the gang!

    Who knows you might win something awesome!
    Be sure to follow us on Twitch!
  • 24.06.19 Posted By Brennen Talley

    Upgrade Your RGB System with Solarity!
    We are excited to announce the arrival of a brand-new line of products to fuel your RGB addiction. I know, I know you can stop whenever you want…
    But take a look at these bad babies.




    From our friends at Solarity Technology comes the ArrRGB DAC series of RGB Digital to Analog conversion boards.

    The ArrRGB DAC is a 4 channel RGB device that allows you to use a 5v Digital/Addressable signal from a motherboard header or RGB controller and control Analog RGB devices on 4 different channels via the digital signal.
    This device requires an addressable signal to work; it will not function without a controller/MB header.


    Whats that!?
    You have a lot of RGB Devices and you can't stand the thought of leaving them out of this particular party?



    Well don't worry fellow weirdo, you can daisy-chain additional RGB DACs or other RGB devices from the digital output. Unlike the input, both “Corsair Out” and “MB Out” can be used at the same time. Just please keep the LED limits in mind. Please... We don't want you to fry your RGB stuff... And we really don't want that to happen on our watch!



    Solarity has developed two versions of the ArrRGB DAC, just for you!

    The first is designed for use with RGB fittings which takes a 5v Digital RGB signal and converts it to a 5v analog signal.

    The second is a more standard design which takes a 5v Digital RGB signal and converts it to a 12v analog signal.



    For more details and scary voltage warnings, check out the product pages!


    You can check out both ArrRGB DAC units here!

  • 04.05.19 Posted By Brennen Talley


    Winter has finally passed us by (hopefully) and that means it's time for the
    "It's Gonna Be May Giveaway"
    This year we have a huge pile of awesome stuff we can't wait to send to you!

    Click on the link below to enter to win one of our fabulous prizes!
    From water cooling parts to magnets, tools, peripherals and swag, we're offering the premium prize winning experience to you lucky folks.

    You have from May 3rd until May 31st to enter!
    Winners will be announced after the giveaway has concluded!


    Take a look at this awesome stuff! Don't you wish it could be yours?

    For a complete list of available prizes, contest rules and more, click on the link below!

    Good luck!


    Click Here to Enter!

  • 06.03.19


    Posted By Brennen Talley



    We are very pleased to announce that ModMyMods is going to PAX East 2019 to meet all of you lovely people once again! If you are going to be in Boston on March 28th-31st, please come and see us at booth 10014 on the PAX floor!

    Our very own CEO Joey G, our Warehorse Manager Brony (AKA JOSH K.) and the Beardsmith himself Kevin will be there with our good friends from Dimastech and Watercool to show off some awesome stuff from Aorus in some of our latest and greatest PC builds!

    Also joining us at the MMM booth is Calen from EnviousMods to unveil his newest masterpiece "ONYX".

    We will also be showcasing some of the freshest most supple water cooling products on the market and giving away some exclusive discount codes.

    Lake Effect, Brony's F1 Style Build, Skelly J and "The Eiskrieslauf" will be making their triumphant return to PAX EAST this year in addition to several new builds like the Antec Torque Build, EnviousMods' ONYX and a top secret build I can't even tell you about yet!


    So if filling expensive electronics with water is your jam, then we've got you covered!


    Dearest Customers,
    This letter is addressed to the rest of humanity that isn't going to PAX East 2019.
    Please bear with us while the "A-Team" is in Boston. The "C-Team" will be working hard to get your orders out in a timely manner, however please try to keep your PC-Emergencies and complicated metaphysical water-cooling questions saved up for when Joe, Brony and Kevin get back!

    (By the way, don't ask about what happened to the "B-Team")

    Much love,
    The ModMyMods "C-Team"

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