Is it hard to see all the hard work you put inside your PC rig? Do you want to give your PC that extra flair for the LAN party? We have all the lighting parts and accessories you need to make your rig the envy of your friends! We offer popular products like Darkside Dimmable LED strips and their accessories to other LED strips and lights from brands like Phobya, Aquacomputer and more! Don't be left in the dark, let us light your way!

  • Dimmable LED Strips
    Dimmable LED Strips
  • RGB LED Strips
    RGB LED Strips
  • RGB Controller
    RGB Controller
  • RGB Cables
    RGB Cables
  • Flexible LED Strips
    Flexible LED Strips
  • 3mm LEDs
    3mm LEDs
  • 5mm LEDs
    5mm LEDs
  • DarkSide CONNECT Cables
    DarkSide CONNECT Cables
  • Reservoir Lighting
    Reservoir Lighting
  • Lighting Accessories
    Lighting Accessories
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