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From the guys that both the community and industry have come to know and trust, ModMyMods.com is a retail company offering the highest quality, enthusiast modification and liquid-cooling parts for computers. We stand behind what we sell with industry leading customer service and a personable staff that takes time to understand your personal watercooling needs and budget. We aim to not just sell products, but also inspire our customer’s builds from beginning to end.

Meet the ModMyMods Team:

Joe G: CEO, Emperor, Founder and King by Divine Right of ModMyMods 

Joe Gialanella is a native of Conklin, New York and has worked in the computer industry for well over a decade. After spending 4 years in retail watercooling, he pursued his own business to become CEO of ModMyMods.He enjoys electronic music, spending time with his family and fishing (that’s fish hunting for those of you who aren’t aquatically inclined.)

You can reach him at Joe@ModMyMods.com

Tracy M:  Warehouse Associate, Modwife

Tracy has been with us since the conception of ModMyMods. As Joe’s partner in crime and in life, she has supported MMM through thick and thin. Whether it’s running orders, working on top cover mods, being a mother of two or helping receive products; she can do it all. Just don’t ask her to do it all at once.

Brony (AKA Josh K.):  Chief Operations Officer and Resident Modsmith

Josh came to join our team in 2016 and we are lucky to have him. After years acting as Warehorse manager, Josh knows the ins and outs of ModMyMods’ Order and shipping systems making him invaluable to our operation.  He has since passed on much of his warehouse duties and taken up the position as the shops go-to modder.  Now a self taught machinist and PC builder with 10+ years of modding experience, Brony is the guy to talk to if you ever in need of any custom parts or services for your project. An avid lover of PC Modding and cartoon horses alike Brony is our go-to man for just about anything around the shop be it equine or water cooled.

You can reach him at Jfknapp@ModMyMods.com

Vinyl the Weiner-Dog: Warehouse Associate, Thing Chewer, Ween-Supreme

Vinyl is a small, vaguely elongated weiner-esque dog some have referred to as a "Dachsund". Don't let his non-human stature fool you though, Vinyl is a master PC modding expert. We alone hold the key to decyphering his often cryptic instructions when it comes to PC modification. For instance, "Woof, Bark Bark, Woof, Boof Boof Bork." Can be roughly translated to: "Why on earth are you still using Molex connections on a 1500W PSU? What the hell is wrong with you?"

Corey C:  Chief Product Officer

Corey is our get-it-done man. Need an order pulled at the last possible minute before closing? Well, don't do that, its rude... But Corey will pull it anyway because he is just that kind of guy. A proven veteran from the old shop, Corey is right at home running orders and maintaining operations around the Mod-Warehouse. An avid fan of sports and video games alike, Corey finds great joy in watching football, basketball and playing first person shooters.

Austin W: Chief Customer Officer

Austin's addition to the team couldn't have come at a better time for the company.  Previously one of our customers, he reached out back in 2022 in regards to one of his orders which had been delayed.  Simultaneously, Austin realized ModMyMods was located in his hometown of Rochester, so upon hearing the shop was understaffed, he asked if we were hiring.  Coming to us from previously working 3 years at an Electronics Salvage company and an avid PC modder himself, Austin is all too familiar with building (and demolishing) computers and was hired on the spot.  These days Austin leads our customer service department, so if you ever have questions and contact us at the shop, good chance he'll be the one assisting you.

You can reach him at Austin@ModMyMods.com

Ethan H: Chief Marketing Officer

Tired social media guy.



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