Whether you're struggling to connect your PSU cables in your massive PC chassis of if you're simply looking to to organize your cable sets more efficiently, ModMyMods has a solution for you. We offer only the best quality PSU cable set extensions and accessories that you could desire for your PC. Spice up your PC's internals with a matching cable extension set from Darkside PC modding or try out some of our adapter cables to simplify you PC modding experience.


Please Note: PSU extension cables are not replacement PSU cables, they will work with any standard ATX Power Supply cable set. Please do not call us and complain that the Extension Cables you ordered do not fit into the proprietary modular cable ports on your PSU.

  • Custom Cables
    Custom Cables
  • 12VHPWR VGA Cables
    12VHPWR VGA Cables
  • 24-Pin ATX Cables
    24-Pin ATX Cables
  • 8-Pin EPS Cables
    8-Pin EPS Cables
  • 8-Pin VGA Cables
    8-Pin VGA Cables
  • 6-Pin VGA Cables
    6-Pin VGA Cables
  • 4-Pin Molex Cables
    4-Pin Molex Cables
  • 4-Pin PWM Cables
    4-Pin PWM Cables
  • 3-Pin Fan Cables
    3-Pin Fan Cables
  • 2-Pin MB Cables
    2-Pin MB Cables
  • Adapter Cables
    Adapter Cables
  • Fan Cables
    Fan Cables
  • Power Distribution
    Power Distribution
  • Internal Audio Cables
    Internal Audio Cables
  • Addressable RGB Cables
    Addressable RGB Cables
  • RGB Cables
    RGB Cables
  • RGBW Cables
    RGBW Cables
  • Voltage Reduction Cables
    Voltage Reduction Cables
  • SATA Data Cables
    SATA Data Cables
  • SATA Power Cables
    SATA Power Cables
  • USB Cables
    USB Cables
  • Other Cables
    Other Cables
  • Cable Ties and Fasteners
    Cable Ties and Fasteners
  • Cable Combs
    Cable Combs
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