244 years ago we fought, won and declared independence from our oppressive parent state. It was the actions of a fraction of the oppressed that brought freedom to the rest.

We would like you to keep that in mind during these turbulent times and remember that the actions of a single person can make a huge difference in the pages of history.

If it wasn't already obvious, we here at ModMyMods are all red blooded American Patriots who are totally down with overthrowing tyrannical government bodies... That being said, we want to give back to the American People on this glorious day. Because remember folks, a country isn't its government, a country is its people.

So in the name of freedom and justice, take 10% off your order from 7/3-7/6 using the code JULY2020 at checkout!

From all of us at ModMyMods, Happy Independence Day.

(Discounts do not apply to EVGA products, custom services or shipping)