Pre-Order Now and Get $10 off!

Our dear friends at Watercool have been so kind as to continue their pre-order sales event at ModMyMods! So that means that the RTX 2080Ti & RTX 2080 series Heatkiller Waterblocks and Backplates are all discounted $10 if you pre-order before October 15th!

As with all of the previous iterations of the Heatkiller series, the RTX waterblocks are designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind. Available in your choice of copper or nickel heatplate with either an acetal or plexi-glass top!
We are also proud to announce that a full RGB edition of the Heatkiller RTX series will also be available for all of you people with the Ragin' RGB Fever!

All RTX Heatkiller Waterblocks and Backplates are expected to ship by 10/22/2018!

Time's running out for this deal so make sure to get your orders in soon! After all, you can't have a brand new GPU and NOT watercool it!
You can check out all of our Watercool Heatkiller RTX series mods HERE!