We are very pleased to announce that ModMyMods is going to PAX East 2019 to meet all of you lovely people once again! If you are going to be in Boston on March 28th-31st, please come and see us at booth 10014 on the PAX floor!

Our very own CEO Joey G, our Warehorse Manager Brony (AKA JOSH K.) and the Beardsmith himself Kevin will be there with our good friends from Dimastech and Watercool to show off some awesome stuff from Aorus in some of our latest and greatest PC builds!

Also joining us at the MMM booth is Calen from EnviousMods to unveil his newest masterpiece "ONYX".

We will also be showcasing some of the freshest most supple water cooling products on the market and giving away some exclusive discount codes.

Lake Effect, Brony's F1 Style Build, Skelly J and "The Eiskrieslauf" will be making their triumphant return to PAX EAST this year in addition to several new builds like the Antec Torque Build, EnviousMods' ONYX and a top secret build I can't even tell you about yet!


So if filling expensive electronics with water is your jam, then we've got you covered!


Dearest Customers,
This letter is addressed to the rest of humanity that isn't going to PAX East 2019.
Please bear with us while the "A-Team" is in Boston. The "C-Team" will be working hard to get your orders out in a timely manner, however please try to keep your PC-Emergencies and complicated metaphysical water-cooling questions saved up for when Joe, Brony and Kevin get back!

(By the way, don't ask about what happened to the "B-Team")

Much love,
The ModMyMods "C-Team"