So, you guys have really shown us that you like it when we cut holes in things by how quickly our Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Top Covers sell out. We're proud to say that our hole cutting capabilities have expanded to include a new custom front panel for you mod hungry lunatics to feast upon.

Matching vents on either side of the front panel provides much needed access to open air that with integrated filter material increases airflow and helps reduce overheating. In tests, we determined that with the original top cover mod, the Enthoo Evolv ATX runs an average of 5°C cooler than it's unmodified brethren.
In conjunction with our new front panel mod, we're confident that your system will run like a new beast entirely. WE'RE TALKING AIRFLOW FOR DAYS.
As an added bonus, the two custom panels look cool as hell on your Evolv. Just sayin'...

The modified front cover comes available in Black, Graphite, and Silver to match whichever Evolv you have made your own.

Why stop there? Want something special for your build? Maybe some powdercoating, case mods or specialty parts? Contact and ask us. We're always happy to make a build unique.


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