Your M.2 SSD is important. It's small, expensive and can get very warm if left unprotected. If you're a fancy, smart and good looking person you already have a water cooled PC. If you don't have a water cooled PC stop reading this now and scroll to the next video you dirty peasants.

Alright now that those "Air Cooling" freaks are gone, we can talk shop. Aquacomputer makes a really nice waterblock just for your M.2 hardware and we totally think you need it. It's compact, easy to install and actually makes a real difference in performance. In the video above, Kevin installs Aquacomputer's Waterblock for Kryo M.2 and gives helpful insight on it's construction, quality and ease of use.
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Hi there lovely Air cooling people. We have a M.2 Cooling solution for you too! Alphacool makes a simple little M.2 heatsink for your M.2 SSD's. In the video above our resident beardsman Kevin goes step by step on how to properly install Alphacool's M.2 HDX Heatsink.

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