Upgrade Your RGB System with Solarity!
We are excited to announce the arrival of a brand-new line of products to fuel your RGB addiction. I know, I know you can stop whenever you want…
But take a look at these bad babies.




From our friends at Solarity Technology comes the ArrRGB DAC series of RGB Digital to Analog conversion boards.

The ArrRGB DAC is a 4 channel RGB device that allows you to use a 5v Digital/Addressable signal from a motherboard header or RGB controller and control Analog RGB devices on 4 different channels via the digital signal.
This device requires an addressable signal to work; it will not function without a controller/MB header.


Whats that!?
You have a lot of RGB Devices and you can't stand the thought of leaving them out of this particular party?



Well don't worry fellow weirdo, you can daisy-chain additional RGB DACs or other RGB devices from the digital output. Unlike the input, both “Corsair Out” and “MB Out” can be used at the same time. Just please keep the LED limits in mind. Please... We don't want you to fry your RGB stuff... And we really don't want that to happen on our watch!



Solarity has developed two versions of the ArrRGB DAC, just for you!

The first is designed for use with RGB fittings which takes a 5v Digital RGB signal and converts it to a 5v analog signal.

The second is a more standard design which takes a 5v Digital RGB signal and converts it to a 12v analog signal.



For more details and scary voltage warnings, check out the product pages!


You can check out both ArrRGB DAC units here!