DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Mini V2 - Graphite Black (BT103)

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DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Mini V2 - Graphite Black (BT103)

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Quick Overview

To expand the range of products and satisfy an increasingly demanding and attentive to detail, DimasTech® is pleased to introduce our new DimasTech® Bench/Test Mini V2


The DimasTech® Bench/Test Mini V2 is the evolution of the first born DimasTech® Bench/Test Mini V1.0, the new V2 revision integrate improvements from last revision that comes from feedbacks of customers, such as a longer depth by 30mm and compatibility with new standards motherboards and Peripheral, the PSU is now rotated facing the Fan down to enhance air flow, the "ON THE FLY" mode HD and SSD mounting it is available also on the right face of the bench table, not just on the left side.

This new product is born from the need to respond to the demands of a changing market trying to create solutions that can help our customers by providing a simple, convenient, handy, but it reflects the need and the frenetic market thanks to the careful study of novelty (New Mainboards and Hardware) and the help of more experienced and loyal customers.

This Case combines the main features of previous versions:  by the Easy Version takes the features, the shape (which now characterizes our table and our brand), accessories and completeness in providing a bundle ready for use and by  the Hard Version inherits the compactness to have a functional product and complete but at the same time extremely small and light.

The DimasTech® Bench/Test Mini V2 can be used as a station to test, whether as a regular Case for Everyday Use, ideal for those who do not need a liquid cooling system, but a very practical and efficient solution.

The DimasTech® Bench/Test Mini V2 provides support and compatibility with all certified hardware and almost all present motherboards on the market.

The DimasTech® Bench/Test Mini V2 can accommodate up to three hard disks 3,5" and 2 SSD 2,5", which can be fitted with the new Hard Disk Support with AntiVibration Rubber Mounting , however if three 3,5" hard disks are already installed, the Bench Table Mini V2 has the capability of mounting on the left and right side, 1 Hard Disk or SSD in "On the Fly" mode, using the convenient AntiVibration Rubber and screws, you can mount the disk in complete freedom, ideal for those who must make backups of PC or fast swapping drives on the bench table.

Thanks to this New "On the Fly" mode you can also install a SSD Disk instead HDD Standard (3.5"). This is made possible by innovation made to the new DimasTech® Bench/Test Mini V2 provided no more than simple holes but the "Loops" designed to allow you to add and remove components without the need for screws or tools but with a easy "Clip ON" mounting.

Inside the Bench table Bundle there are vast assortment of fasteners specifically designed by DimasTech®  for the assembly. From this need born the newest  Spacers EasyGo Fasteners, which permit the mounting of the motherboard without the aid of screws but by making a slight pressure and twisting it.

the thumbscrews kits in silver and black color, complete the offering of the DimasTech® Bench/Test Mini V2

Technical Specifications:

  • Bench Table Made from Steel (SECC) of 1,50 mm Thickness, accessories 1,00 mm thickness
  • CNC Laser Cutting
  • Powder Coat Painting, Phospatation as anti-rust prevention
  • Manufactured in Italy, Assembled in USA
  • Motherboards Compatibility: ATX, FullATX, MicroATX, XL-ATX, MiniATX, MiniITX, EATX
  • Installation of up to 2 Devices 5.25”,
  • Installation of up to 3 Hard Drive (3.5”)
  • Ability to Fit 2 Hard Disk (3.5") or 2 SSD Disk (2.5") in "On the Fly" Mode
  • Wide Area under the Socket for Heat-Sink removal
  • DimasTech ® Reset and Power Buttons from our catalogue PD001 and Couple of braided Cables
  • 8 PCI Slots (Expandable to 10 with DimasTech ® Kit 10 Slot XL-ATX Black - BT062-2013)
  • Compatible with Power Supplies up to 22cm in Length
  • DimasTech® Antivibration Rubber Feet
  • DimasTech® FlexFan120 V2.0
  • Accessories Tray with sliding track
  • Product name Laser Cut to the side
  • Front USB 3.0 x 2 cut out ( please check code BT181 for USB 3.0 Product purchase)

Additional Information

Amazon ASIN NA
NE CA Item # No
NE US Item # No
Manufacturer Dimastech
Chassis Form Factor Test Bench
Overall Dimensions 340mm Depth x 370mm Width x 120mm Height (height is measured by considering the DimasTech® Rubber Feet and not considering the 25mm Spacers to support the Motherboard and Vga Support)
Color Black / Dark Blue
Motherboard Compatibility ATX and Full ATX and Micro ATX, XL-ATX, Mini ATX, MiniITX
Graphics Card Compatability N/A
Radiator Mounting Points None
Hose / Fillport Openings N/A
Number of Fans 1
Material Steel
Drive Bays 2x 5.25"
Hard Drives 3x 3.5"
Side Window N/A
Power Supply Mount 1x PSU Mount
I / O Panel Not Included
Included DimasTech® Bench/Test Table Mini V2 DimasTech® Hard Disks Support DimasTech® Optical Drive Support DimasTech® Expansion Boards Support 8 Slot DimasTech® FlexFan 120 V2.0 1 Complete Kit of Screws and DimasTech® Push Buttons (Reset and Power) and Cables and DimasTech® Rubber Feet 10 DimasTech® EasyGo Fasteners

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